gcc-go-7.2.0-6 built for aix7.2


The gcc-go package provides support for compiling Go programs with the GNU Compiler Collection. This is a second version of GCC Go for AIX. Compared to GCC Go 7.1.0, several issues have been fixed (cgo) or improved (netpoll_aix). And several missing features have been added (net.Interface() ). There are still only 4 failures in the Go compiler tests out of 7358 tests. Go libgo tests results have been improved: 1 to 4 more packages fully succeed (4 cases: 32bit, pthread, ppc64, pthread/ppc64). Package syscall is known to be incomplete. This GCC Go compiler for AIX has been (or: is now) used for compiling/testing several large Go applications: - Filebeat - Hyperledeger - Kubelet (and other parts of Kubernetes) - parts of Docker More improvements are required, mainly about golang.org/x packages, which do not know AIX. Remind that GCC Go sees and refuses more "unused variable" cases than golang does (till v1.10). Summary of remaining tests failures for 32bit: crypto/tls : TestVerifyHostname TestVerifyHostnameResumed encoding/gob : TestHugeWriteFails : fatal error: runtime: out of memory fmt : TestCountMallocs go/build : TestDependencies : panic: test timed out after 8m20s log : TestAll net : TestConnAndListener : SIGILL: illegal instruction net/http : TestTransportConcurrency : timed out in gotest net/http/internal : TestChunkReaderAllocs os : TestExecutable reflect : TestArrayOfAlg : SIGILL: illegal instruction runtime : TestCallers TestCallersPanic TestPingPongHog TestPhysPageSize TestCaller TestLineNumber TestPanicSystemstack runtime/pprof : TestMathBigDivide : fatal error: out of memory runtime/pprof : TestMemoryProfiler sync : TestWaitGroupMisuse2 sync/atomic : TestNilDeref : timed out in gotest syscall : export_unix_test.go:10:22: error: reference to undefined name 'SYS_IOCTL' time : TestLoadFixed Your objects (.o), shared-objects (.so), and archives (.a) built from .go code should have to be rebuilt when a stable version of Gcc Go is available. I mean to say that you'll probably not be able to mix .o, .so or .a files compiled with different versions of GCC Go for AIX. This should be stable within GCC version 8. Feel free to contact me whenever you are facing issues. Tony Reix tony.reix@atos.net

Provides :
gcc-go = 7.2.0-6,

website : http://gcc.gnu.org/

Known dependencies

Special note about GCC libraries: Though all other RPMs built on AIX 6.1 can be installed and used on AIX versions greater or equal to 6.1, GCC RPMs can be installed and used on only ONE version of AIX: the one it was built on/for. As an example, libgcc-8.3.0-1.aix6.1.ppc.rpm can be installed and used ONLY on AIX 6.1 . If you need GCC 8.3 on AIX 7.2, download libgcc-8.3.0-1.aix7.2.ppc.rpm. About libgcc, libstdc++, and libgomp, when they appear below, their version and the version of AIX in the following are given ONLY as an example. (By default, the last uploaded version of the required GCC libraries is displayed.)
As an example, if you see: "libstdc++-8.3.0-1.aix7.1.ppc.rpm" below, that only means that you need libstdc++ library to be installed on your machine, and you may install the version of GCC (or only the RPM of this library) that you want (like 6.3) that was built for the version of AIX (like 7.1) where you want to install the current package (here: libstdc++-6.3.0-1.aix7.1.ppc.rpm). Thus, you have to download and install GCC libraries separately and according to your specific needs.
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