lzo-2.06-2 built for aix6.1


LZO is a portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI C. It implements a number of algorithms with the following features: - Decompression is simple and *very* fast. - Requires no memory for decompression. - Compression is pretty fast. - Requires 64 kB of memory for compression. - Allows you to dial up extra compression at a speed cost in the compressor. The speed of the decompressor is not reduced. - Includes compression levels for generating pre-compressed data which achieve a quite competitive compression ratio. - There is also a compression level which needs only 8 kB for compression. - Supports overlapping compression and in-place decompression. - Algorithm is thread safe. - Algorithm is lossless.

Provides :
liblzo2.a(liblzo2.so.2) , lzo = 2.06-2,

website : http://www.oberhumer.com/opensource/lzo/

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creation date: 2013-07-19
release date: 2013-06-21


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